Is Barkbox Ideal For Large Dogs

large dog in dog bed with barkbox toys

Do you own a large dog and are you thinking about using Barkbox? Have you heard about it and do you know what it is? If you want to learn more about Barkbox, then continue to read on.

What Is Barkbox And How Does It Work
Barkbox is a company that offers boxes that contain toys and doggy treats for various types of dogs. To receive products, you have to subscribe because their products are monthly subscription boxes. Currently, the boxes are shipped to Canada and the United States. Each box has a theme, and the products in the box are related to the topic in some way.

The way it works is simple. You choose a subscription plan and then wait until your first box is shipped to you. As for what’s contained in each box, you will find 4-5 treats, toys, hygiene products and a booklet that lists the items inside the box.

The Benefits
dog retrieving barkbox for large dogs toy

One of the best things about Barkbox is the toys, accessories, and delights in the box are tailored to the size and weight of your dog. If you own a large dog, then the box you get will have toys and products that are made to fit their size and weight. If your dog is big, then don’t worry because Barkbox has something for them.

Another benefit of using Barkbox is you might discover a product that you like. If you do, then you can head over to Barkbox and order the individual product. You might be surprised at how many great products you will discover.

Barkbox offers a convenient way for you to receive smart dog toys and treats for your large dog. You will love not having to go out and shop around for dog products. Instead of doing that, you merely choose a subscription plan and then wait for your box to be delivered to you on a monthly basis.

Finally, Barkbox offers quality products and treats. The chances are you will be impressed with the quality of products that they send to you and your dog. As soon as you receive your first box and you check out the products, you will notice the quality right away. If you want to give your large dog quality treats and toys, then consider using Barkbox.

What Do Reviews Say
There are some reviews about Barkbox, and a lot of the reviewers have large dogs. One reviewer mentioned how they owned a Bull Mastiff and that they were happy with it. Another reviewer said this subscription box made their Black Russian Terrier more royal, while another Barkbox review for large dogs  found great results with their Great Dane. Generally speaking, the majority of reviews are positive, and this suggests that most customers were or are still pleased.

dog with barkbox toy in mouth

As previously mentioned, there are various subscription plans you can choose from. There is a one month plan that costs $29, so you can pay the $29 per month if you wish or you can choose a six-month subscription for $25 per month or a 12-month subscription for $20 per month. The six month and 12-month option also gives you the opportunity to save money by paying a certain amount of money upfront.

You should give Barkbox a try because it is worth it. As you can see from the above, you get an excellent service/products, and it is ideal for dogs of all sizes. Give it a try today and see how you and your dog will like it. The chances are you will love Barkbox, and you will use it time after time.